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Fliteboard Complete Setup

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Foil time: up to 2.5 hrs
Distance: up to 25 miles
Speed: up to 30 mph

Fliteboard is the best all-rounder for any level of experience and riding style. Short enough for performance with enough volume and stability to support early aquaplaning.

  • Size 5’8” x 28"
  • Volume 100 liters
  • Maximum rider: 265lb
  • Weight (carbon) 42.3lbs + Flitecell
  • Weight (fiberglass) 44.5lbs + Flitecell

PRO is responsive, maneuverable and can journey with you from enthusiast to pro. It’s the ultimate choice for those with previous boardsports experience or lighter weight riders.

  • Size 5’0” x 24.5"
  • Volume 67 liters
  • Maximum rider: 220lb
  • Weight: (carbon) 42.3lbs + Flitecell
  • Weight: (fiberglass) 44.5lbs + Flitecell

ULTRA is for seasoned riders who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible on an eFoil.

  • Size 4’2” x 23"
  • Volume 54 liters
  • Maximum rider: 220lb
  • Weight: (carbon) 36.9lbs + Flitecell
  • Weight: (Ultra L) 49.6lbs including Flitecell Nano

AIR is an easy-going board for learning and adventures. Inflatable exterior around a carbon core makes it easier to transport and store. Perfect for yachts, beginners, families, schools, resorts and heavier riders.

  • Size 6' x 30"
  • Volume 164 liters
  • Maximum rider: 265lb
  • Weight: 43.2lbs + Flitecell


Dual Drive Flite Jet offers maximum safety when friends and family are Fliteboarding. When you want a prop, use Dual Drive to switch over in seconds.

Cruise control Flite's patented Virtual Gears system lets you balance the board and not the trigger. From gentle cruising to eye-watering speed.

Fliteboard Complete Setup includes

  • Choice of Fiberglass, Carbon Classic, or Carbon board in color of choice.
  • Choice of 60cm/75cm/80cm eFoil Mast in silver, black or gold anodized.
  • Choice of Flitecell Ti Battery.
  • Choice of standard or fast charger.
  • Choice of Wing Set.
  • Flite Controller.
  • eFoil Case.
  • Board Bag (only included with Carbon and Carbon Classic boards).
  • Accessories Bag.
  • Wing Covers.
  • 2 Year Warranty.

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