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Radinn Carve Jetboard

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Radinn's most agile board, perfect for a responsive feel and high performance ride.

The Radinn Carve offers a unique feel due to its lighter design, lower buoyancy, and jumping capabilities. It’s a blast to learn how to ride, with a responsive shape and raised kickpad. It’s designed to carve through water and delivers on those deep, ultra-controlled turns.

Performance Data

  • Speed up to 36* mph
  • Range up to 45 min

*with the UNLEASHED™ in-app upgrade

LTD Hull Tech

Radinn's original Limited Hull Technology (LTD) consists of several layers of glass and carbon fiber, resin, paint, and varnish and provides a more premium feel. LTD Hulls are handcrafted according to years of board-building experience. The core of the board is precision molded in an industrial fashion, and then the various layers are added by hand. The final layer is fixed and formed into shape by a vacuum, before the paint and graphics are added on manually.

  1. Layers of Paint and Protective Coating
  2. 3-layer Multiaxial Glass/Resin Sandwich
  3. Molded Watertight EPS Foam Core
  4. Thermoformed Polymer Interface Cavity
  5. 2-layer Medium-weight Full Glass Rail Reinforcement
  6. Heavy-weight Unidirectional Glass
  7. 3-layer Multiaxial Glass/Resin Sandwich
  8. Layers of Paint and Protective Coating

Jetpack G3 Standard

With a top speed of 42 kmh / 26 mph, the G3 Standard Jetpack is perfect for beginner and intermediate riders, or those looking for a more relaxing riding experience. The G3 Standard is virtually silent, compatible with all Radinn jetboards, and connects digitally to the Radinn app for remote software upgrades. Users can purchase a remote upgrade from the G3 Standard to the G3 Pro/Unleashed at any time via the Radinn app.

Extended Range Battery

The Extended Range Battery has over 3kWh capacity and offers approximately 45 minutes of riding time. This battery is compatible with all jetboard models.


  • Weight: Board: 19.5 lbs. Jetpack: 28lbs. Battery: 52lbs.
  • Dimensions: 70" x 24.8" x 6.5"
  • Volume: 62 Liters
  • Material: LTD (Limited Hull Technology)

Sold as a complete Jetboard Kit which includes the following:

  • Battery charger
  • Board bag on wheels
  • Accessories case, including
    • Wireless hand control
    • Hand control induction charger
    • A pair of fins
    • Board leash
    • Rinse bottle
    • Radinn User Guide Handbook

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