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PROTOSURFER - GloGear Wake Surf Board

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Our custom-made, glow-in-the-dark gear Protosurfer board from Glogear provides the lumination you need to safely continue on your water adventures even as the sun drops. You don’t need to lose a moment, instead make new moments and create memorable experiences all day and all night.

Features & Specs:
• Length:
– 4’ 8’’
– 5‘ 0’’
• Stance: Goofy or Regular
• Weight Limit:
– 4’ 10’’: 240lbs maximum weight
– 4’ 8’’: 200lbs maximum weight
• Material and Construction: All of our boards start with a hand-shaped, two-pound EPS core with a 2% moisture absorption rate. Then they are glassed with S-cloth fiberglass and premium epoxy resins, resulting in one of the finest and most unique wakesurf boards ever made.
• Grip: GloGlear logged full traction foam
• Glow: The world’s best Glo will charge with the smallest amount of natural or artificial light. Leaving your GloGear board on the board rack in the sun all day will easily charge the Glo on your board. Using an artificial LED light will enhance the “brightness” of the Glo. Once sunset hits, you will see your board begin to Glo immediately. You do not need pure darkness to see the Glo. Our products will Glo in the slightest amount of shade during the daytime. The patented Glo on our boards has been tested and curated to last 8-10 hours (or more). The Glo will slowly fade, but literally will last all night long. The world’s best and longest lasting Glo on our products is something we are very proud of and take extreme pride in.

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