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Radinn Explore Jetboard w/ Pro Upgrade

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Performance Data

  • Speed up to 35 mph
  • Range up to 45 min

Who would have thought it possible to shred through the waters with this kind of power – without the need for waves or loud engines you can reach speeds that are sure to make the most seasoned action sports enthusiast fall in love. Whether you prefer ;hard turns or long flowing curves, shifting your bodyweight for control gives you an amazing sensation – total freedom in motion!

The handheld bluetooth control lets you adjust power in a seamless fashion – allowing you to focus the present moment experience while gliding across the water.

With cutting edge battery technology the Radinn electric surfboard safely and reliably allows you to go exploring - way beyond what has been possible before. The powerful battery and long range will take you to otherwise hard-to-reach places for entirely new and trail-blazing perspectives on nature - unique experiences at every turn!

Radinn’s Jetpack G3 is an extremely powerful and reliable jet drive. It comes with multiple modes suitable for beginner and advanced riders. With the Jetpack G3 PRO upgrade, you can toggle between settings right in the app (from Easy to PRO) to change the top speed to each rider’s preference.

Extended Range Battery

The Extended Range Battery has a 3.5 kWh capacity and offers approximately 45 minutes of riding time. This battery is compatible with all jetboard models.


  • Weight: Board: 33 lbs. Jetpack: 28lbs. Battery: 52lbs.
  • Dimensions: 74.8″ x 30.6"″ x 6.5"
  • Volume: 101 Liters
  • Material: High impact ABS+PMMA polymer shells with a Polyurethane foam core and a marine grade bumper trim.

Sold as a complete Jetboard Kit which includes the following:

  • Battery charger
  • Board bag on wheels
  • Accessories case, including
    • Wireless hand control
    • Hand control induction charger
    • A pair of fins
    • Board leash
    • Rinse bottle
    • Radinn User Guide Handbook

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